Lambretta Tyre, sealer, Linseal OKO, 500ml, does 2 scooter tyres


Flat tyres are a fact of life with any two wheel vehicle.

Even with the best tyres and tubes.

Anyone can pick up a nail, glass or metal to puncher a tyre.

This tyre sealer is well worth using as a safe guard.

It can seal small holes slowly letting air out.

It can make a blow out slower helping you get to the side of the road.

Sold in 500ml bottles, this will do 2 scooter tyres.

£ 8.59
Price: £ 7.16 Ex Vat


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Stephen s on 27 Aug 2019 asked "Hi dose this work on tubless rims."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: It does

Paul M on 31 Jan 2018 asked "Hi does this come with the implement to screw the valve out.Thanks"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes it's part of the lid

Md on 27 Jan 2016 asked "Hi - does it go straight into the inner tube?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Straight into the inner tube

John on 26 Apr 2010 asked "I have a question about "Linseal OKO tyre sealant, does two scooter tyres" What size bottle is it, please, in litres?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: 500ml

Tim a on 22 Jul 2008 asked "I have a question about "Linseal OKO tyre sealant, does two scooter tyres" Sorry to be ignorant but what does it do and how do you use it?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Put half the fluid into one wheel and the other half into the other wheel.

As per instructions pump the tyres up and run the bike and leave the sealer in the wheels.

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