Lambretta Tool, tubeless tyre holding/fitting, stud only, MB


This stud comes as part of our tubeless tyre fitting kit but we offer them on their own in case you want to make your own version of the tool.

All you need is an old vespa or lambretta rim, bolt some of these studs to it then screw it all down to your bench and you've got a tool to hold tubeless rims while you fit tyres to them. Or you could weld some L shaped metal plate to the rim then you can mount it in a vice.

You need 4 if you are doing a Lambretta or 5 for Vespa.

Tip!  If using an inside legshield carrier, these studs can be used as an extension to bolt your tubeless SIP rim to these, just screw these on to the short welded  M8 stud that is on the carrier, and bolt the rim to these studs (2 required).

£ 4.63
Price: £ 3.86 Ex Vat

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Lambretta Tool, tubeless tyre holding/fitting, MB

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£ 53.88£ 44.90 (Ex Vat)

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5 star 1. Duncan 11 May 2023 

Well made and strong,


5 star 2. Martin B 14 Nov 2023 

Bought 4 and bolted them to an old rim as suggested. Hey presto, half an hour later and 2 MC20 tyres fitted to SIP rims. Tip: Use plenty of quality tyre soap and warm the tyre as you go.

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