Great Time Going On Holidays On My Scooter 25/02/2014
"Hi Mark, maybe you remember the AF cylinder head you machined for my 70,5 mm bore Rapido barrel. You reworked the tech article about cylinder heads using the pictures of my head and giving some first step customer infos needed to carry out the neccessary job. Maybe you remember me - the not even being "English" customer who had read your tech article before ;-) I want to thank you for your tech site and letting you know that my engine performs very well and makes my Lambretta a really reliable scooters. Okay, that you already might have assumed. But nevertheless I want to tell you I'm happy that your are doing the job you do. I like the stuff you write and your tech articles and work. I had a great time going on holidays on my scooter with your machined head and forged piston - and I know my joy wasn't without the influence you have had on my engine. I don't know - the trip me and my girlfriend did was a great experience and therefore I want to thank you and "share" some impressions shot by the camera. I uploaded 4 picture videos of the trip on youtube recently. We drove 2000 km trough 4 countries climbing the Black forest, Vogese & Ardennes in 15 days and had a nice time."
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